Why Did Honda Stop Making Civic?

Hondas Civic Coupe is living on borrowed time since it is being discontinued for the 2021 model year. The Civic coupe is the only Honda car that is available in Japan, and the only one that is available in Japan. The Honda Civic coupe is being discontinued; 2020 will be the last year it is produced. For the 10th time since it was first sold in 1973, the Hondas Civic hatchback is being overhauled in 2022. A 2023 super-performance Civic Type R Hatchback is scheduled for 2022, but the Civic sedan is not returning at all. 

Without the two-door model on the Honda Japanese line-up, the production 2022 Civic sedan will be offered in a sports-oriented manner via a forthcoming four-door hatchback, along with the forthcoming Si and Type R versions. The 2020 Honda Japan Civic coupe is the final two-door Civic, while the new 2022 11th-generation version will be the first without two doors in the line-up. The base model in 2022 will be manufactured in Alliston, Ontario, Canada, and a hatchback version in Greensburg, Indiana. The new-generation Civic will be offered in four-door hatchback form, as well as in — yet-to-be-shown — four-door hatchback form, but there will be no two-door Civic model for the first time in Hondas U.S.-market history. 

With Fit’s demise in the U.S., the HR-V and next-generation Civic will act as the automaker’s entry-level models. As a result, Honda will be going coupe-free for the first time in decades when it launches a new-generation Civic next year. Honda stressed that Honda’s focus is still very much on its lineup of Civics, but that a hatchback will be its base, with a Civic Hatchback providing the sportier option. According to CNET, Hondas Civic Hatchback and Civic Type R variants will stay on the line, but the Civic sedan is being eliminated because of a slow sales rate. 

Honda, whose factory in Swindon confirmed the Civic hatchback will have a North American variant, the Type R, built in North America along with a revised Civic sedan. After tantalizing the public last fall with a photo of the prototype, Honda has recently lifted the lid on the 2022 Civic sedan, publishing details that quantify the changes, along with details about the trim levels, technologies, and features found beneath the skin. Honda confirmed the Si will be returning on the next-generation Civic, though production of the current Si will be suspended after the 2020 model year in preparation for the new model’s arrival. Honda has yet to reveal an official launch date for the 2023 Civic Type R. However, given that the 2023 Civic Type R is scheduled for its January 2022 debut, it is very possible production could begin very soon. 

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