What Is the Monthly Charge for the Ford F-150 Lightning?

We discover there’s an enormous difference, depending on where and when you charge. Three charge levels are supported by the F-150 Lightning for both home and public charging. At a few locations, customers may also enjoy quick charging.

The Ford F-150 Lightning is being praised by owners and reviewers alike, and one of the things often mentioned is how cheap it is to charge a Lightning compared to refueling a conventionally powered F-150.

With its amazing features, the Ford F-150 Lightning has won over many admirers, but how much will owners have to spend to charge this electric car? One of America’s most well-known pickup trucks switching to electric is met with high expectations. In May 2021, Ford introduced the Lightning vehicle as a choice for customers who wished to experiment with electric trucks. The Lightning truck, which is propelled by two electric motors and a battery pack, was introduced at the same time as the gasoline-powered F-150 as part of the 14th generation.

Ford plans to rule the electric truck industry with the F-150 Lightning, but alternatives like Rivian’s R1T and the GMC Hummer EV will be fierce competitors. The majority of automakers today have introduced electric vehicles, either by converting conventional gasoline cars into EVs or by introducing brand-new EVs, as will be the case with the 2023 Genesis GV60.

Many Americans are still unable to understand the fact that EVs need to be charged. The acceptability of EVs is undermined by a confluence of insufficient charging infrastructure and compatibility problems. The US government has collaborated with automakers and charging stations to create a significant national charging network in order to encourage the use of EVs. With this change, EV charging will be more economical than it is right now. There are two different battery options available for the F-150 EV. Standard Range (98 kWh) and Extended Range are the names of the two battery kinds (131 kWh). Both at home and while traveling, the Ford electric vehicle may be charged.

Accessories Required For F-150 Lightning Charging:

Owners have two options for charging at home: either the mobile power cord, which comes free with all trim levels or the Ford Charge Station Pro, which costs $1,310 for trucks within the standard range. The system is free for individuals who have chosen the extended range option. It’s interesting to note that the mobile chord enables charging at both Levels 1 (120V) and 2 (240V). Therefore, users may plug the wire into any 240V NEMA 14-50 outlet if they require a quicker charge period.

A home charging outlet called the Ford Charge Station Pro can give the F-150 Lightning a full charge in eight hours or 30 miles of driving range for every hour it is connected in. Along with speedy charging, the Charge Station may allow Ford’s intelligent backup power by collaborating with the home integration system. Depending on the load, the vehicle may use this system as a backup generator, providing three to ten days of electricity.

A free 250 kWh of quick charging is also available to customers at every Electrify America station. Using the FordPass app and following the on-screen instructions are required in order to activate the free charging network access and 250 kWh of DC fast charging.

Ford F-150 Lighting Battery Capacity :

The standard-range model batteries have a 98kWh capacity, while the extended-range batteries have a 131kWh rating. Ford even asserts that during a blackout, the battery can run a home nonstop for three days. The real range fluctuates depending on factors including the external environment, how often the vehicle is used, and maintenance levels, much as with fuel efficiency estimates for gas guzzlers. The lithium-ion battery’s age and condition have a major impact on how long they can keep a charge and how quickly they discharge.
While the Platinum model can carry up to 8,500 lbs. The Ford F-150 Lightning has received extremely positive reviews in the automotive press and is anticipated to help the business take the lead in the electric pickup market early on.

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