What Is The Cheapest Tesla?

The official starting price for the Standard Range Plus version of the Model 3 is $39,990, making it the cheapest Tesla vehicle currently on offer. The Standard Range Plus is Tesla’s cheapest model, with a purchase price of just $41,190 (including destination) and an estimated range of 263 miles. The Tesla Model S Long Range starts at $79,990, more than $10,000 more than the previous starting price. When Tesla first announced the Model 3, it promised a starting price of $35,000.

Electric vehicle maker Tesla has raised the price of its Model S all-wheel-drive vehicle from $5,000 to $104,990. Prices have risen 5 to 10 percent, with Tesla’s cheapest rear-wheel drive Model 3 now starting at $46,990, and its high-end Model X Tri engine has gone up to $12,500. from $126,490 to $138,990. The Tesla Model 3 reached its promised price point of $35,000 after several months of price increases and successive price cuts. 

Tesla’s current vehicle lineup (Tesla Model S, Tesla Model X, Model 3) ranges from $35,000 to $124,000 excluding EV tax credits. To give you the full Tesla price range, Electrek has also set the price with every upgrade available, including red paint, 19 sport wheels, black and white interior, and self-driving capability for an additional $12,000. Tesla is offering the Model Y in a Performance variant with an estimated range of 303 miles and a price tag of $62,190.

When the Model 3 was released in July 2017, it was only available in a single-engine rear-wheel-drive long-range version, starting at $44,000 (with a mandatory premium upgrade package of $49,000) and offering 325 miles of range. You may also notice that we didn’t include the standard-range rear-wheel-drive Model 3 (also known as the “$35,000 Model 3”) in this total price range — that’s because Tesla no longer sells it (slightly will be introduced in detail later). ). In terms of new car specials, the new Tesla Model Y is $41,990, the Model Y Long Range AWD is $49,990, and the Model Y Performance AWD is $59,990. Unfortunately, Tesla no longer produces the standard range Model 3 (as mentioned earlier in this article) at the $35,000 base price, so it is unlikely that many of these models will be available in the Tesla used car market in the future.

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