By the 2024 model year, Dodge will replace every single one of its current internal combustion engines. 

This also applies to the Dodge Charger, which has effectively used the same platform since 2006 for its vehicles. 

According to rumours, the next Charger resembles a long-forgotten concept car from 1999 quite a little.

Will there be a new 2024 Dodge Charger? The 2024 Charger is being tightly controlled by Dodge. 

Tim Kuniskis, CEO of the company, has only stated that production of the current Charger will cease in 2024.

If a charger can make the Charger faster, we're in, Kuniskis stated when talking about the future of Dodge's eMuscle. 

Additionally, he has hinted the appearance of at least one of Dodge's next eMuscle vehicles.

Any of them going to sport the Charger badge? For Dodge to pass up, the name sounds too ideal for electrification, whether it is a plug-in hybrid or a fully electric car. 

The Charger's exact drivetrain and exterior design, though, are still being kept a closely-kept secret.

The 1999 Dodge Charger R/T concept car Dodge unveiled a Charger prototype before the surge in classic cars, before the sixth-generation Charger from 2006, 

and even before the 2005 Mustang. It was the year 1999. For seven years, the Viper had been a hit. 

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