Even though Musk has a successful EV business, not all of his other ventures are successful. He is used to delays with his SpaceX rockets.

Musk has high expectations, hence his timeline for completing his initiatives is occasionally unduly optimistic. The Cybertruck seems to be one of those things. 

One may also speculate that he has extremely high aims for this EV given that it resembles a vehicle that one might drive on Mars. 

What else does Musk have in mind for the truck, and how much longer will it take to develop? 

The photographs on the Tesla website show that it wasn't a finished product.

There were 650,000 Cybertruck reservations as of June 2020. That was the most recent figure provided, 

however a crowdsourced count in May 2021 suggested that the number of bookings had surpassed one million.

This makes sense considering that purchasers may only now reserve the vehicle in the United States. 

Many people will likely support the final product regardless of what it is, but other individuals could object if the price goes up.

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