We tell you why it's worth placing a pre-order of the new Ford Mustang, which is destined to continue as the world's best-selling sports coupe.

The long wait is over, and although Ford started the countdown a few days ago, a few comforting photographs surfaced, 

but ladies and gentlemen, this is it, in all its grandeur. 

We should be up early in the morning to bring you an in-depth story first since the seventh-generation Ford Mustang is arrived. 

Given how it appears and the characteristics it has, it will continue to bear the moniker "the world's best-selling sports coupe."

The new turbocharged engine, the fighter jet-inspired cockpit, the muscle-toned exterior, 

and yes, the naturally aspirated V8 that isn't dead for the all-new model, all seem promising. Therefore, fans of pony cars can rejoice.

Ford took a risk when it unveiled the most recent Mustang since competitor producers are gradually ceasing to produce internal combustion engines. 

The Mustang, on the other hand, is still going strong thanks to a turbocharged, fuel-efficient engine and the addition of the newest linked technologies.

This marks the beginning of a new chapter and an icon's fresh beginning.

The new Mustang will be offered as a coupe and a convertible, and fans won't be without access to a manual gearbox or American V8 power.

The automatic models are being offered too; so is the 4-cylinder, turbocharged engine.

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