This electric supercar will continue the legacy of Lexus' greatest car.

Gearheads all around the world celebrated the wonder of the Lexus LFA. a supercar that has a bit of a bad reputation. 

The LFA is probably the apex of front-engined supercars because to its aggressive appearance, obscenely loud V10 engine, and carbon fibre build.

For the Toyota family of brands, this vehicle accomplished two things. First of all, the vehicle served as the normally aspirated engine's last ride.

Second, after over a decade of development, this automobile emerged as the ultimate halo vehicle with some of the most cutting-edge technologies that have ever left Toyota and Lexus.

The car's dashboard was famously computerised since a physical dial couldn't keep up with the engine's redline rev of 8,750 rpm.

In 2010, the LFA began manufacturing, and it stopped in 2013. 

When the LFA, an outlier in the Lexus lineup, was discontinued, it left a huge void. 

Lexus kept filling this up with numerous F-branded vehicles as well as the LC. 

With their emphasis on hybrid drivetrains, nothing, however, managed to win over the hearts of gearheads everywhere.

Lexus makes a suggestion for the LFA's replacement more than ten years later. 

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