Dodge is offering a convertible Challenger for the 2023 model in association with US-based Drop Top Customs as a third-party customizer.

Everyone like convertibles. We feel more freedom while driving with the "wind in our hair" than with any other automobile body design. 

Furthermore, when a car's roof swings down, the style factor soars, giving it an eye-catching individuality. 

In the past, we have seen several lovely automobiles with folding roof choices, and some of the best alternatives are still available today.

And it goes without saying that of all their various versions, they had the finest aesthetic appeal. 

Dodge Challenger, however, was one vehicle that was left out of all the commotion surrounding convertibles throughout the years.

A convertible Dodge Challenger was in demand. Since years ago, the Ford Mustang and Chevrolet Camaro, 

two of its main competitors, have offered convertible versions of their vehicles. 

Therefore, the recent announcement by Dodge that the Challenger and 

Charger will no longer be produced starting in 2019 crushed the hearts of many who had been hoping for a convertible Challenger.

 Dodge quickly made amends by stating that it is now giving customers the option to purchase a Challenger with a folding roof, although through a third-party brand. 

Dodge is going above and above to grant the wishes of Challenger fans with this announcement and a few more.

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