Chrysler is bidding adieu to the long-standing 300 sedan line-up, and they are planning a smashing farewell with a performance model.

Only the 300 sedan and the long-running Pacifica minivan are now offered by Chrysler. 

It was easy to blame the 300 sedan when the carmaker posted on social media that  ...

they were releasing a special edition vehicle that would also be "the most powerful and luxurious" in Chrysler history.

Although a performance-oriented Pacifica minivan sounds exciting, we don't believe Chrysler operates that way. 

The first-generation Chrysler 300 was at its best in the early 2000s. 

And the star of the show was the legendary 300C, which was powered by a massive 5.7-Liter HEMI V8 engine. 

The 300 SRT8 sedan was the second-generation model's most powerful "300," although it fell short of the 300C's record-breaking figures.

We thus couldn't help but consider the 300C's potential comeback  ...

when Chrysler announced its "surprise" special-edition model announcement with a  ...

close-up image of the wheel and brake callipers! Obviously, neither a 300 SRT nor a 300 Hellcat will be available. 

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