When it comes to its upcoming UFO investigation, NASA is serious.

The group announced in June that it will start a scientific examination of UFOs (also known as "unidentified aerial phenomena," "unidentified flying objects," or "UAPs").

The main objectives would be to identify and analyse current UFO data, establish the best techniques for future observational collecting, 

and determine how the agency may use such data to further our understanding of these puzzling sky occurrences, according to NASA officials at the time.

David Spergel, an astronomer, will be in charge of the investigation. 

He is the director of the New York City-based Simons Foundation. 

The project is expected to begin this autumn, cost a little over $100,000, and last for around nine months.

Representatives from NASA stated the organisation is working hard to stick to that deadline during a "town hall meeting" on Wednesday (August 17) 

to discuss numerous programmes of the agency's Science Mission Directorate (SMD).

Daniel Evans, assistant deputy associate administrator for research at SMD, stated during the town hall on Wednesday that ..

"We're going full force" on the UAP study preparations. "We are giving this a high priority because it is really essential to us."