While the Hellcats get most of the glory, Bros FOURR Speed shows that the base V8 Challenger with a manual is still a blast to drive.

Viewing these contemporary homages is still worthwhile even with the Dodge Charger and Challenger as we know them on the verge of extinction. 

In a recent video, presenter Brian of the YouTube channel Bros Fourr Speed gets behind the wheel of a Challenger R/T. 

When contrasted to notable stablemates like the Challenger SRT Hellcat Widebody and SRT Jailbreak, does cheap V8 power perform admirably?

A Modern Dodge Challenger With Retro Vibes

Dodge's use of flat panels on the bonnet and around the sides is a tribute to classics from fifty years ago, 

even if it's impossible to mistake the modern Challenger for something from the 1970s. 

However, the Challenger R/T has a unique look thanks to contemporary additions like LED lighting and aggressive design like a large front splitter. 

This is particularly true when this Dodge is contrasted with the Ford Mustang and Chevrolet Camaro.

However, once inside the R/T, retro becomes outmoded. The usual fabric seating with vintage houndstooth inlays doesn't improve the situation. 

The car needs an upgrade even though all the electronics are present, including the performance pages on the central touchscreen. 

However, a cabin update will never take place since gas-powered Dodge muscle vehicles are headed for the trash can of history.

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