The pickup truck Elon Musk unveiled Thursday night features sharp angles, but no side mirrors or “crumple zone” to absorb the force of a collision.

RAPHAEL ZAMMIT's initial feeling when he received a text with a picture of Tesla's new Cybertruck was horror, 

if he's being completely honest. "Oh my gosh! I thought to myself. He asks, "What did Tesla do? How did they act?

Zammit is more than just an unbiased spectator. He has been working in automotive design for 25 years and 

is currently the director of the MFA Transportation Design programme at the College for Creative Studies in Detroit. And the Cybertruck is "extreme" in his eyes.

According to Zammit, it "literally defies every guideline we advise our pupils." It's what we advise them against doing. No, this truck wasn't made for truck designers.

For instance: Observe how thin the vehicle's top is up there. See the slanted back stand that holds up the roof, 

and the delicate, narrow D-pillar on the truck? There's no reason to think the truck's top is weak, given all the triangles involved.

But it appears to be due to its thinness. Zammit claims that even though it doesn't significantly improve the engineering, 

he and other automobile designers instruct students to add a bit extra to make the car appear sturdy and robust.

Yes, this is a vehicle design that makes no concessions. That may be the reason why there was a general "wut" when people first saw the truck,

which appeared to be constructed to transport corpses in a post-apocalyptic gaming.

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