Since the Mustang has evolved into a cross between a sport and a muscle vehicle, let's face it: Ford is presently exploiting its illustrious past. 

Also not strictly a real muscle vehicle is the Camaro. The distinction between a sports car and a muscle car is becoming increasingly hazy in today's automotive jargon, which is not surprising. 

But the Challenger Hellcat is the particular Hellcat that qualifies as "true muscle" in our opinion.

We could go one better and claim that the Redeye is the best available. Yet, hey! For a vehicle that handles like a boat, 707 horsepower is still a significant amount. 

In terms of Redeye vs. Demon vs. Hellcat, the differences are mostly based on statistics at this stage, assuming that the engineering distinctions are ignored.

But more crucially, will the typical Joe or Joanne be able to distinguish between a Demon, Redeye, or Hellcat? Most likely not. 

Will they be able to tell the Challenger SRT 392 from the Hellcat, though? Naturally, they will. First of all, the latter has a horsepower advantage of almost 200. 

Second, they won't miss the Hellcat's addictive supercharger wail. Very recognisable and Mopar.

When the driver is involved, the experience is enhanced even more. A roaring 6.2L supercharged V8 and three pedals are a dying species, as you can undoubtedly tell. 

Although a 6-speed manual transmission was an option when ordering a Hellcat, 2022 Hellcats may only be had with an 8-speed torque converter.

It appears that this is a temporary solution, and the six-speed manual transmission should eventually return with updated calibration.

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