For the price of a new Merc C-Class sedan, you get to buy yourself one of the best mid-engine sports cars made in the world - the Porsche Boxter S.

Without the Porsche Boxster, it is impossible to fathom how the automotive industry would have evolved. 

Before the first-generation 986 appeared in the mid-1990s, there had never been a mid-engine sports car that completely revolutionised the game.

Not only was the Boxster a significant model for Porsche, but it also mattered to aficionados who couldn't possible stretch their finances to purchase a 911. 

However, the 911 has been rear-engined for a very long time. 

Like the majority of supercars, the Boxster puts its engine directly behind the driver and passenger seats.

Porsche 981 Boxster S Is Not A Poor Man's 911

The best way to deal with a sceptic is to have them buckled up in the passenger seat and head out to your favourite mountain road. 

It is incorrectly thought of as the working class 911. Then everything will begin to make sense.

The 981 Boxster S was one of the greatest contemporary sports cars produced, 

and purchasing one secondhand for a little under $46,000 would not only be the quickest way to acquire a Porsche but will also make you stand out to the attractive coworkers.

It's nearly as quick as the 991 911 Cabriolet, but thanks to the positioning of the engine, it has a better-balanced chassis, which makes driving it more enjoyable.

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