The World Endurance Championship is ready to welcome a plethora of new manufacturers into the hypercar category at the top level of the series.

The 24 Hours of Le Mans has arguably not been the most thrilling event in the world for the past few years, if not longer. 

Certainly not in terms of the final triumph. Since winning every race at Le Mans in 2018, 

Toyota has mostly had to battle just itself and deal with car-related difficulties. 

Due to certain car reliability concerns, they had a chance to lose the race in 2022, but their competitors at Glickenhaus were unable to catch them.

However, everything might change by 2023. The highest level of the World Endurance Championship is prepared to accept a variety of new manufacturers into the hypercar category. 

This began with the inclusion of Peugeot in the most recent Six Hours of Monza, 

and more will soon join the series as Porsche, Ferrari, and Cadillac join the battle, in addition to additional manufacturers beyond those three. 

This suggests that the glory years of the LMP1 era, when we had six or more cars competing for overall victory, might return in 2023.

The Lack Of Competition At The Top In Le Mans

We must investigate the reasons behind Le Mans' recent decline in standing. 

When Audi departed the LMP1 class and the whole WEC in 2016, it was already too late. 

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