It's time to don our detective hats to assist stop the theft of additional Kia Telluride vehicles. 

It's simple to understand why thieves are targeting the Kia Telluride more frequently. 

It's a fantastic SUV, but it's not widely available.

Why do people steal Kia Telluride models?

The Ford F-150 is the most stolen car in America, and the Honda CR-V is the most stolen SUV, 

but the Kia Telluride is becoming more frequently stolen. 

It's not alone, though. Additionally, thieves target other Hyundai and Kia models.

This is due to the Telluride and associated models in the range using an antiquated technique. 

The majority of businesses now employ key fobs that need recognition by the car's engine in order to operate.

However, the Kia and Hyundai systems have a weakness that prevents this from happening.

With a screwdriver or USB port, thieves may remove the control panel and start the car. 

This method can be found online, and it's catching on like wildfire.

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