The Chevy Silverado and its sibling, the GMC Sierra, 

are two of the most well-known light-duty vehicles on the market and are among the most notable pickups in American truck history. 

Both vehicles belong to General Motors even though one is made by Chevrolet and the other by GMC.

It's simple to mistake the Silverado and Sierra for one another when comparing the two. 

Despite this, the drivetrain and general design of the two trucks will resemble one another quite a bit. 

But there are still plenty of distinctions between them. 

The Silverado and Sierra were trim levels for the Chevy C/K series of trucks, which also have GMC equivalents, until they became separate vehicles in 1999.

The Silverado and the Sierra, which compete with the Ford F-150, have retained their reputation throughout the years ...

and have won several honours for dependability and resale value.

SILVERADO VS SIERRA: EXTERIOR The Silverado and the Sierra have almost the same external appearance. 

Despite having extremely similar body designs, the Sierra and Silverado have drastically distinct front-end designs. 

While the Sierra has the distinctive GMC insignia on its grille, the Silverado has the traditional Chevy bowtie logo.

You can use your freight in a variety of inventive ways thanks to the Sierra Denali.