A clever digital artist combines the muscle car and wagon to create a seriously stylish and beefy station wagon.

We sometimes witness something in the field of digital automotive rendering that leaves us speechless. 

This is so that designers may produce some absolutely amazing works of art that they would not have otherwise been able to.

Rostislav Prokop is one of the top digital automobile renderers and consistently turns out some incredible work. 

His most recent rendering shows what would happen if Dodge ever united the Charger with the second-generation Magnum that was built on the Chrysler LX Platform. 

It is an amazing depiction of the Dodge Charger Hellcat Magnum.

The Best Of Both Worlds With the craziness of the Charger and the more usable aspect of the second-generation Magnum, this car truly combines the best of both worlds. 

This car's front is very interesting because it is obvious that Charger influences the front more than Magnum.

The primary grille, the headlamps, and the bottom section of the grille below the bumper are all Charger-specific components of the front fascia. 

Additionally, the hood design is essentially the same as that of the Charger Hellcat. However, the car's later features are more intriguing.

The Magnum Hones Into View Prokop guides us around the remainder of the vehicle while we see the Magnum influence. 

We now have two doors on either side of the automobile, where you might anticipate a sleeker, more muscle car-like body.

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