After Elon Musk unveiled the Tesla Motors Cybertruck at the Tesla Design Studio last year,

it became viral due to its sleek design and the fight against the Ford F-150. Please tell me some fun facts about it

All electric Like all Tesla vehicles, Cybertrucks are completely electric and have a range of 500 miles on a full charge.

Heavy duty Cybertruck competed with Ford's utility pickup truck, the F-150. This is because it claims to be able to tow 14,000 pounds (6,000 kilograms).

Designed to be sturdy Cybertruck is modeled after a pickup truck, so it also has a tailgate that can carry up to £ 3,500.

Performance Cybertruck also comes with a sturdy frame and tempered glass to protect passengers. 

Under the hood, the car battery will take you from 0 to 100 in less than 4 seconds.

The Tesla Cybertruck appears to have been abandoned by alien racing, but could challenge all the best-selling pickups.

With a sharp-edged exterior made of scratch- and dent-resistant stainless steel, Tesla's all-electric truck is truly punchy.

With all-wheel drive available, Cybertruck can carry up to £ 14,000 and has an estimated range of over 500 miles.