The "game-changing, category-defying" Silverado EV RST First Edition and fleet-focused Work Truck (WT) from Chevy were unveiled today. 

Pricing for the Silverado EV WT is comparable to that of the existing Silverado 1500 series, starting at $39,990 plus a $1,695 destination cost.

The MSRP of the Silverado EV RST First Edition is expected to cost $105,000, with the same destination fee, when it launches in the fall of 2023.

It's anticipated that the Silverado EV Trail Boss will follow. Currently, reservations are being accepted.

The Silverado EV is certainly not your grandfather's vehicle, nor is it only an existing Silverado that has been electrified. 

Complete features, colours, and other information will be revealed when production nears and customer preferences are integrated into final versions.

GM expects the Silverado EV to have reasonable performance without specifying a top speed. Its estimated 0 to 60 time is 4.5 seconds.

Level 1 home charging is supported by a typical home charger with a three-prong household outlet.

Level 2 home charging uses a 240-volt regular domestic appliance outlet and provides a quicker charge.

 a passenger may still utilise the 60/40 seat's opposite side. In addition to extending the tailgate and activating the load stop on the Multi-Flex Tailgate

According to GM, the Silverado EV RST will be capable of towing up to 10,000 lbs and carrying up to 1,300 lbs. The WT can tow up to 8,000 pounds 

can carry 1,200 pounds of cargo. The maximum amount that a WT model is estimated to be able to tow is 20,000 lbs.