You may be in breach of your Teslas warranty if you do not follow the advisory on recalls, you overdrive, you do not install the vehicle's updates correctly, or you do not perform repairs.

Taking your car to an unauthorized repair facility could lead to shoddy repairs, which, in turn, would cause additional damage to your car,

which is not covered by Tesla's warranty.

To avoid having your warranty voided, ensure the repairs are done at a Tesla dealership, or at a dealership authorized by Tesla. 

Your warranty could be affected if the damage is caused when you have the car repaired in a non-Tesla station.

The warranty is only affected if Tesla notifies you that your car needs maintenance, and you ignore the notification, which causes additional damage to your car.

If you decide to bring your car into a non-Tesla dealership for service or repairs, coverage from your warranty may be affected should there be a problem. 

Tesla offers free repairs and replacements when notified of a problem within the normal service window.

Tesla may repair or service vehicles and body parts with defects that occur as the result of normal use only. 

The Tesla Warranty covers the repair and replacement costs associated with manufacturing defects in parts Tesla makes or supplies as a part of a car.