Meet the latest track-focused member of the Mustang Family, more powerful than ever before with remarkably hardcore options, all the way up to seam-welding and a racing fuel cell.

Ford has maintained the existence of the classic pony car despite the ongoing EV revolution with the introduction of the brand-new seventh-generation S650 Mustang. 

The all-new Ford Mustang Dark Horse variant claims to be the most potent, 

track-focused automobile to ever carry a 5.0-liter V-8 under the hood with a targeted output of 500 horsepower, 

which is thrilling enough on its own as the world's best-selling sports car. With this item, you can buy some serious equipment.

Despite its silly moniker, the Dark Horse is the first brand-new limited edition Mustang since 2001's Bullitt. 

Global design director Joel Piaskowsk told R&T that the switch to the S650 generation created a new chance for the Mustang team, 

unlike nameplates like Mach 1 or GT500, which had some degree of historical expectation from buyers. 

More precisely, the carmaker was able to push the limits of what a Mustang can and should be thanks to the new platform.

In an interview with R&T, Piaskowski remarked, "We spoke about all different series inside Mustang and believed now was the appropriate time to launch something fresh." 

Although we have a rich legacy, there are still plenty of prospects for the future.

Here is where we see the importance of knowing who our current customer base is and that we want to draw in more recent clients. 

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