Because they lack the fundamental safety measures and technologies that we take for granted in our typical commuter vehicles, 

Dodge Vipers have a reputation for leaving widows behind. These American-made supercars are strong, prestigious, and, as the Viper name implies, venomous. 

The majority of them have massive 8.3-liter engines under the hood, with minor variations in that displacement.

What makes the Dodge Viper so dangerous?

The Dodge Viper is a really raw and stunning vehicle both inside and out. 

It attracts attention only by the sound of the V10 engine screaming, and it doesn't fall short in terms of aesthetics. 

It's simple to understand why so many drivers enjoy the driver-focused experience of the track-oriented car, 

whether it's one of the first or the last generations, but it is not without drawbacks of its own.

In reality, as we discovered last year from the terrible and fatal accident with JR Garage, 

which HotCars kept us posted on, the automobiles have shown to be lethal on several occasions.

It takes an experienced driver Even after the unfortunate occurrence when, and I stand by this, I wasn't the person who blew up the engine, for once, 

my husband had owned his third-generation Dodge Viper since before we had met. 

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