The Dodge was the only production automobile to perform a wheelie, aside from the Demon's sheer excess. 

You may have seen the beast raise its front end off the ground, but the muscle car's showpiece has a bit more to it. 

The Dodge Demon has the title for being the first mass-produced vehicle to have drag radial tyres straight from the factory, 

and those meaty tyres are sticky! Dodge's $1 options box included a plethora of accessories in addition to the drag radials to equip your 840 horsepower wheelie machine.

The inside is much stranger. The only muscle vehicle in production with optional passenger seats was the Dodge Demon. 

That's correct; if you wanted to bring a buddy along, you had to first consult Dodge. 

Oh, and you also had to pay Dodge another $1.

However, the Dodge Demon's 0-60 mph time is one of its greatest records. 

The muscle car monster will accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in under 2.3 seconds, claims Road & Track. 

At the time of its introduction, it was the gas-powered vehicle with the quickest acceleration.

Why did the Demon get banned?

The Dodge halo car is subject to stringent National Hot Rod Association regulations since it completed a quarter-mile in only 9.65 seconds (NHRA).

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