There is a lot of slipping and sliding as this muscle car, nicknamed the SmokeStang, faces up to the ultimate towing test.

Westen Champlin, who runs the same-named YouTube channel, could appear a little out of the ordinary at first. 

Westen creates some of the most entertaining material available online today  ..

by combining the greatest in mechanical engineering with a tonne of North American greatness. 

He is correctly naming the Ford Mustang with a 12 valve Cummins diesel swap, the SmokeStang, a perfect illustration of his scientific investigations.

Not A Factory Option From Ford Surprisingly, a Cummins diesel engine is not a stock Ford option, so Westen must conduct some experiments with the SmokeStang.

He has been invited to a Californian film site where he will test whether his automobile can tow a cement truck weighing 40,000 pounds. 

Westen claims to have just welded a hitch onto the rear of the Ford, but without these crucial tests, 

we won't know how much towing power a Cummins conversion is capable of. 

What we can tell you is that a standard Mustang is not advised because it can only pull roughly 1,000 lbs.

So, for the purpose of science, Westen decided to start small by attempting to tow a 20,000 kg full-sized "big yeller" school bus.

Huffin' N' Puffin' In A Diesel-Swapped Mustang Westen departs for California without hesitation after hauling the bus without incident. 

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