The truck from Unrivaled Diesel gives its all throughout the weekend at the Ultimate Callout Challenge and turns heads while creating smoke.

An amazing Ram Cummins diesel pickup truck with 2,600 horsepower that participated in the Ultimate Callout Challenge has been uploaded on YouTube by channel "1320video" recently.

The strong diesel, which is utilised in several competitions, overcame various difficult tests and finished the competition in fourth place overall.

We take a brief look at the details

The Fastest Dodge Ram Diesel Truck This Side Of The Mississippi

The owner of the green, track-ready pickup vehicle is Chris Patterson from the repairs firm Unrivaled Diesel.

The truck travels down the circuit with a 6.57 finish time and a high speed of 127 mph early in the video.

Although the truck appears to be moving quickly and is moving down the track quickly, 

Patterson was aiming for a finish time in the "mid-5's," but the time wasn't as excellent as he had hoped.

After some transmission problems are resolved, the truck completes the strip in 5.48 seconds at a speed of 136 mph, which is within the range of his expectations.

With some nitrous added, the truck's VS Racing engine kit should produce 3,000 horsepower.

Chris drove his wife to a wedding more than 100 miles away in the truck, despite the fact that it is a street truck and incredibly fast and powerful.

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