Two supercharged Fords square off on the drag strip for automotive supremacy.

Watch as this Ford F-150 with a supercharger competes in a quarter-mile drag race against a Mustang GT with a comparable turbocharger.

The most recent episode of Boosted addressed the age-old debate about whether it is quicker to race with your tailgate up or down 

(up, by the way, to prevent air vortices from being formed). 

His personal vehicle is a Ford F-150 with a 2.9-L Whipple supercharger installed on the 5.0-L V8 engine. 

American racing headers, a new fuel pump, new fuel injectors, 

and an E50 fuel mix tuning are all combined to give Boosted's F-150 an estimated 950 horsepower at the back wheels.

This F-150 has also received a pair of Nitto drag racing tyres and has been lowered by a good 3 inches, making it a genuine drag machine.

In this video, he is up against a tweaked 2019 Ford Mustang GT. 

The same 5.0-L Coyote V8 engine and Whipple supercharger as the F-150 are housed under the hood. 

Additionally, the GT features an upgraded 3.875 pulley and E85 tune. With all of that, the Musta

ng should have at least 700 horsepower, comparable to similarly modified Roush vehicles, and perhaps even more.

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