The employees at Hennessey Performance Engineering take to heart the axiom that car aficionados can never have enough horsepower. 

A recent YouTube video showcasing the Texas-based company's work with an 850-hp Ford Shelby Mustang GT350R serves as evidence for this strategy. 

What a supercharger and other improvements can do to an already remarkable street racer is demonstrated in a brief period of time on the track.

A Unique And Glorious Soundtrack The Hennessey-modified GT350R being driven around the track by presenters Alex and 

Adam thrills viewers with the exhilarating sound of a flat-plane crank engine. 

Consider it ASMR on steroids. There's a certain rawness that just promotes more listening.

A detailed explanation of how the business transformed the enormous GT350R into this vicious beast is absent from the film.

A supercharger is mentioned, but no additional specifics are provided.

Additionally lacking are performance specifics like a quarter-mile or 0-60 time.

This dearth of information has the advantage of forcing you to concentrate on viewing and listening to the GT350R in all its high-revving V8 magnificence.

Hennessey's Not-So-Secret Sauce Hennessey's enhancements to the GT350R aren't a carefully kept secret, despite being absent from the footage. 

A 3.0 litre supercharged system with seven pounds of boost lies at the heart of the setup. 

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