Some automobiles—not all of them supercars like Lamborghinis—are designed to be driven quickly. 

Your typical cars, like the Dodge Charger, encourage its owners to press the gas pedal all the way down and crank the engine.

When a trooper pulls you over for speeding, the only thing wrong with it is the money you'll lose and the mark on your driving record. 

The Charger is on MotorTrend's list of cars that are most likely to have you ticketed for speeding.

What sort of vehicles are on the list? Data for MotorTrend was obtained from Insurify, a website that reviews auto insurance providers. 

They compiled a list of cars that received more speeding fines than others based on data from recent driving histories.

The Subaru WRX was the vehicle that showed up most frequently, receiving speeding penalties 20.49 percent of the time. 

Nissan's 350Z topped the list, outperforming the WRX by by 14.65 percent.

But some of the cars were a little unexpected. Although the Dodge Dart isn't exceptionally quick or sporty, 15.45% of its drivers earned speeding citations. 

Some of the vehicles on the list, meanwhile, weren't really all that unexpected. One was the Dodge Challenger, while the other was the Dodge Charger.

What could make Dodge Charger drivers susceptible to speeding violations?

In the Dodge Charger, 14.71 percent of drivers were stopped for speeding. 

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