Maybe a mid-engine conversion is exactly what the American sports car needs to get people excited about Chevy again!

We enjoy a nice automobile rendering at HotCars. And there are typically several options available. 

There are renderings of forthcoming models, fantasy-only creations, and examples of how creative artists have taken ordinary automobiles and transformed them into wild and insane things.

Rostislav Prokop is a tremendously gifted artist, and we've previously featured some of his work. 

In his most recent work, he created a brand-new Chevrolet Camaro. Not enthused? This Chevrolet is now a mid-engine monster, so you should be. 

On his YouTube channel, he posted a 3D depiction of this vehicle.

Mid-Engine Conversion Suits The Chevy Camaro

Check out the hue of this automobile. It is finished in a classic orange that many Camaros have, with a lot of black trim to make the orange stand out. 

With the exception of the sides and the Chevrolet emblem in the centre, 

the front grille is nearly completely black and gives the car a nasty and intimidating look when viewed from the front. 

In order to further enhance the video's authenticity, Rostislav included noises such as the V8's deep rumble and background bird tweeting.

The camera cycles around the back of the car to reveal that familiar Camaro rear-end, but it does appear to have been tweaked slightly.