A relatively affordable fully electric crossover that can seat five people, the 2022 VW ID.4 is really the EV for the masses.

Volkswagen has nearly come to represent the rebirth of West Germany and the post-World War II economic miracle. 

Due to its vehicles meeting a variety of customer demands, VW has dominated the Western markets for decades. 

Additionally, a number of Volkswagen models have influenced subsequent generations by emerging as emblems of their eras.

Numerous Volkswagen vehicles have endured the test of time, from the eccentric Beetle that became a global sensation 

and even served as inspiration for "America's art cat movement" to the Type 2 Transporter, which served as both a counterculture icon 

and a timeless symbol. However, more recently, consumer and emissions problems have caused the German brand to lose all credibility.

In this situation, VW attempted a return in the hopes of reviving the ailing brand, but new scandals 

and murky business dealings surfaced, forcing the German manufacturer to reinvent and start over. 

This strategy has so far been successful, and VW has introduced several models that have been well-received by the general public. 

For instance, the VW ID Buzz sparked curiosity, and the 2022 ID.4 is expected to be a big hit with the general population. 

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