The Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 Super Snake Speedster is a pure delight, definitely one of the coolest cars in the automotive industry.

Carroll Shelby was a supercar aficionado and American track champion. 

He made a reputation for himself in the automotive industry thanks to his successful past. 

He then worked for Ford Motor Company after retiring from the racetrack. 

Shelby founded Shelby American Inc. because he was passionate about autos. He wanted to turn it into a high-performance car firm.

In 1965, the American business teamed up with Ford to create the Shelby Mustang. 

It was a Mustang from Ford that was modified for maximum performance. This supercar was the epitome of strength and refinement.

Ford introduced its one and only Super Snake Speedster vehicle in 1967. 

This vehicle, a GT500 with extreme performance, was designed for tyre testing at high speeds. 

This vehicle was one of the most expensive Ford Mustangs ever when it was eventually sold for $2.2 million in 2019.

Since then, the GT 500 Super Snake has dominated the market and outsold key rivals. 

But in 2021, the Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 Super Snake Speedster became available for the first time in Shelby American's history. 

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