Phased out after the 1997 model year, however, the great attributes of the 1st-gen Mazda Miata makes it a vehicle that people still love today.

Mazda is a car manufacturer that almost always succeeds in creating genuinely excellent automobiles. 

Most people occasionally struggle to think of a single poor Mazda because of this brand's sterling reputation. 

The Miata is unquestionably one of the automaker's greatest models, though. 

And most admirers of the legendary roadster will agree that the NA generation is the greatest if you ask them. 

If you didn't know, the NA designation merely designates the Mazda Miata's initial generation. From 1989 until 1997, this generation was alive.

For the 1990 model year, the Mazda Miata made its debut on the automotive scene. 

Because it contributed to changing the perception of a sports automobile, auto fans now view the original model as innovative. 

The company chose a rotary engine and an incredibly light body over exotic technologies. 

Although there were roadsters before the Mazda Miata, many auto enthusiasts credit it with popularising this class of vehicles.

The Miata evolved over generations in a variety of ways.

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