Losing hundreds of cars to rough sea conditions on The Composer, Porsche finds themselves in a tight spot again.

One of the most immersing experiences a customer will ever have is ordering and buying an automobile directly from the factory, 

according to those who have had the good fortune to witness it firsthand.

Buyers leave with a car that personifies their personality and quirks after choosing every last detail, including the paint scheme, performance components, and accessories. 

However, for the hundreds of gear heads whose cars now rest at the bottom of the ocean with the rest of the Felicity Ace, 

it can also become one of the most stressful times in a person's life.

As for Chris Benvie of New York, he was relieved to learn that his automobile was on The Composer and not the Felicity Ace, saving him from the suffering the Felicity inflicted thousands of others.

Unfortunately for Chris, the Felicity's commotion meant that 'The Composer,' which was currently in heavy seas, remained unreported after calling for help over the radio. 

As a result, hundreds of Porsche 911s were lost when some of the cars broke away and collided with one another.

As you would have predicted, Chris' custom-spec Porsche was among the hundreds that were destroyed, having a significant impact on the sports car industry.

Today, he sits down with Ed Bolian and VINwiki via YouTube to regale us with the tale.

Customers Sea Green: Rough Seas Ahead For Porsche

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