The Vette is a convertible ZR1 with the ZTK package along with a very high rear wing.

The ability to customise one of these vehicles, whether it be a normal edition or a ZR1, is arguably one of the nicest aspects of owning a Chevrolet Corvette. 

You may enhance it to your heart's content because there are several choices available both from the manufacturer and the aftermarket. 

One of the most customised Corvette ZR1s in the world was on display for Chevy Dude on YouTube during a recent visit to the National Corvette Museum.

Yellow Paint Belies A Highly Customized Corvette

When you look at the plain yellow paint, it does not appear to have undergone much modification, but if you look closely, 

you can plainly see that the headlights on this automobile were influenced by Lamborghinis. 

They undoubtedly appear to belong on the Corvette ZR1. As we turn to look at the back, we can see that this is a convertible ZR1 with the ZTK option, 

which adds the very high rear wing. The most interesting alterations, though, are found beneath the hood.

The Engine Of This ZR1 Was Built Up By The Owner

Actually, the owner constructs the engine as a part of the Engine Building Experience. 

With a finely dressed engine and some really excellent hydro-carbon parts completely on display, this ZR1 has a very large supercharger.