In terms of reliability and build quality, Dodge kicked off the sixth generation of the Challenger pretty rough.

Let's face it: Internal combustion engines are quickly fading into history as all the automakers steadily electrify their production lines. 

The people at Dodge have done a fantastic job in recent years of preserving the classic ethos of American muscle vehicles. 

However, with their most recent electric muscle vehicle idea, even they appear prepared to advance and join the EV club.

Many car aficionados aren't prepared to go from combustion engines to batteries, 

even though the company plans to say goodbye to the Charger and the Challenger in 2023 with "Last Call" models. 

On the other hand, despite the fact that the contemporary Dodge Charger represents the absolute peak of V8 power, 

not everyone can afford its extraordinarily high sticker prices.

A used Dodge Charger might be your ideal vehicle without breaking the bank if you're on a tight budget. 

Not all Charger model years, however, performed well. 

Let's discover why the 2006 model is the least dependable Charger to purchase on the secondhand market without further ado.

Owners Complaints About Their 2006 Dodge Charger On NHTSA

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