In a dry lakebed, a 2020 Toyota Supra has managed to achieve a top speed of 163 mph with the limiter removed.

Have you ever wondered how quickly the 2020 Toyota Supra might go without the speed limiter? Discover more in this video.

The Toyota Supra has been available at dealers for a month, but there are still many unanswered questions. 

Toyota essentially flat-out lied about the Supra's performance, which is the main cause of this. 

Toyota claimed that the car's turbocharged 6-cylinder engine generates 335 horsepower, 

although tests showed that the engine was more likely to generate 370 horsepower. 

Toyota claimed that the car could go from 0 to 60 mph in 4.1 seconds, however testing indicates that it takes closer to 3 seconds.

The Supra's peak speed, though, remained the biggest enigma. 

The Supra is actually a Z4 in disguise, in case you didn't know, thus an electronic governor kept it from going faster than 155 mph, which is very standard for BMW cars. 

However, in order to find out how quick the Supra truly is, YouTuber "The Stradman" recently did some maintenance that probably voids the warranty.

Mr. Stradman made the decision to drive his black Supra to a deserted lakebed in Utah in order to find out. 

It's NOT the Bonneville Salt Flats because, although making a fantastic flat area for high speed tests, salt corrodes a car more quickly than any other substance.

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