The stylish widebody, racing tires, and an awesome rear redesign make this one of the best renders by artist Rostislav Prokop.

Maybe a lot of us can admit to like the Dodge Challenger. It is still a classic muscle vehicle today, combining powerful flair and performance for a fair price.

While some people choose the most recent Dodge muscle vehicles, others adore the timeless design and lines of the earlier first-generation models from the 1970s.

Fortunately, Rostislav Prokop and their Instagram page are here to help with the original Challenger 

and a modern touch in the aim of fusing classic muscle vehicle styling with cutting-edge equipment and strong power.

The Dodge Challenger Restomod Concept Is A Mean Machine

This computer render design by renowned digital artist Rostislav makes a fantastic first impression.

The outcome of a thorough modernization of the iconic coke-bottle muscle car design is this dark grey first-generation Challenger. 

As a consequence, the new widebody kit and the previous details are combined.

The entire outfit rests low over its gleaming rims almost reaching the floor, in addition to the body kit which significantly changes the original design.

The attitude is appropriate for the vehicle and gives some indication of its potential. 

In light of this, it could require a bit additional room in order to turn around.

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