While the McLaren outclasses the Chevy in almost every way, that doesn't stop the muscle car from trying to take down the expensive European Supercar.

Sometimes it might be difficult to distinguish between what makes a car a sports car and what makes it a supercar. 

Even if the Camaro SS is a potent sports car, most people would think that the McLaren 570 GT would be more deserving of the title of supercar. 

The YouTube channel Drag Racing and Car Stuff appears to support this. 

The McLaren 570 GT competes against a Camaro SS on the 1/4 drag strip in a brief, 49-second video posted on the channel. 

It is evident that the McLaren wasn't there to finish second.

McLaren 570 GT vs Chevrolet Camaro SS The grey Camaro and silver McLaren line up at the starting line 

and go off aggressively to battle to the finish of the quarter-mile drag strip as both vehicles crank their engines at the beginning of the film. 

The Camaro goes ahead off the line at the start of the race, but the McLaren catches up less than halfway down the strip. 

The McLaren eventually prevails after pulling ahead of the quick Chevy around the 1/4-mile mark.

Just before the finish line, the distance between the two increases.

The McLaren finishes the race in 10.79 seconds with a top speed of 134.44 mph while the Camaro reaches the same finishing point in 11.99 seconds and a 114.57 mph top speed.