To truly test out the C6's new characteristics after the cam swap, Cam first takes it out on the road. 

The automobile behaves very beautifully after the first few feet, and he has greater control over it. 

He steps outside and floors it, smiling with glee as he observes that it does spike slightly as a result of the installation of a sizable cam.

For that reason, he took care not to suddenly pull in front of anyone. 

He continues to drive it and comes to the conclusion that it actually drives rather well.

As he approaches the motorway, Cam gives it one more push and finds that the C6 Corvette starts to accelerate strongly about 4,000 RPM. 

He then accelerates to redline and shouts with complete excitement as the sound, feel, and overall speed leave him almost speechless. 

It's difficult to resist joining in on his joy as he throws open the windows and lets loose. 

In order to determine how much his C6 Corvette genuinely rattles from the cam, Cam does the "glass of water test" after the test drive. He lays a cup on the trunk and shakes it.

Cam concludes by saying that he can no longer drive it in a high gear, which will become annoying because the car drones a lot. 

He then added that because to this, he could change the exhaust again.

 Nevertheless, it's safe to say that he is utterly delighted with his cammed Corvette.