Jlord8 combines the best qualities of the original Fox Body Mustang and adds a modern touch to the classic muscle car.

The Ford Mustang is receiving a lot of excitement these days, and for a good reason. 

Before EV powertrains take over, this is likely the final time we can purchase a brand-new vehicle powered by a V8 engine.

Each version of the classic pony car has its own fan base, and some, like the Fox Body, are just as devoted as the others. 

This is one of the fascinating things about them. It stands out from both its previous and later siblings since it has its own unique design and style.

This graphic artwork from Instagram renderer JLord8 wonders if the beloved and distinctive Fox Body may benefit from a makeover in the new S650 Ford Mustang style.

The Custom Fox-Body Ford Mustang Gets Modified For 2022

Following the retro-looking second generation in the lineup is Ford's third-generation Fox Body Mustang, which has those recognizable headlights.

It is a well-collected vehicle with a history that spans from the end of the 1970s to 1993. Along with other items, it is regularly modified for drag racing.

The third-generation facelifted automobile shown in this rendering is an SVT Cobra painted Teal and can only be seen from the front quarters, blocking our view of the rear.

The unique 7th-generation Mustang LED headlights are the biggest and most obvious alteration up front. 

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