Aaron Porter shows off his beastly 1971 Plymouth GTX-R as a performance piece by dropping in an 8.4-liter V10 engine pushing out 630 hp.

You probably remember Dominic Toretto's fantastic 1970 Plymouth Roadrunner from the Fast and the Furious movies. 

Now that Plymouth GTX-R Custom is here, it could be left in the dust. 

This stunning restomod was made by Horsepower Northwest and is on a pretty uncommon automobile.

The detailed efforts made by the Washington-based tuner are impressive. 

The best part about Horsepower Northwest's designs is that they were made to be driven, not merely displayed in a fancy garage collection.

Additionally, the Plymouth GTX-R receives a V10 heart from the Dodge Viper, 

taking it up to the serious area of the supercar class, in contrast to the Plymouth Road Runner Green Goblin that 

we previously reported about, which featured a 425 horsepower V8. 

There's nothing wrong with using a 1971 restomod on the track to bruise some egos; in fact, your competitors might even cheer you on. 

However, very few people will be able to keep up with a 630 horsepower Viper V10! 

This is a strange collaboration between Plymouth and Dodge, two legendary manufacturers of muscle cars.

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