After dropping $500,000 into his Dodge race car, owner Andy Nelson explains that keeping the car going just wasn't worth the hassle.

Those on the outside looking in are frequently disappointed with the amount of time, effort, 

and most importantly money it takes to convert a stock automobile into the car of your dreams,  ...

especially with the boom of custom-builds and projects on various social media sites.

The 99% of us who do not live in a culture where money is widely flaunted might sometimes overlook the infinite debt certain celebrities incur in order to depict a particular lifestyle. 

Just ask the many vehicle lovers who are now experiencing the same problem.

Along with other topics, Ed Bolian and vinWIKI talk about this today with Andy Nelson of Edmond, Oklahoma. 

Andy is a devoted drag racer and expert on credit card debt. Because Andy is used to running up credit card debt and stealing from one person to pay another.

Andy reveals the reasons for why he decided to spend every penny he had "hunting Lambos" after spending just under $1 million developing a Dodge Viper and a Chevrolet Corvette.

Big Power Requires Even Bigger Money At the ripe old age of 16, Andy developed an obsession with speed and automobile construction. 

After purchasing a C5 Corvette, he spent the following five years converting the standard vehicle into a daily car with 1,000 horsepower that became known as the quickest in Oklahoma.

Andy, who was quickly referred to as "daddy's money" in reference to the wealthy area he lived in, reportedly worked 80 hours per week to support his speed addiction.

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