The big-powered Japanese hot hatch goes head-to-head with a series of high-performance sports cars with some surprising results.

Drag racing is always entertaining to watch. No matter which cars are actually involved, the entertainment value is always high. 

In this video, which was posted to the cvdzijden - Supercar Videos YouTube channel, two highly unusual automobiles compete in a drag race. 

In a race between two extremely powerful vehicles, a 1,050 horsepower Honda Civic VTEC Turbo AWD and a 1,000 hp Mercedes-AMG E63 S 4Matic will compete.

A Quick Look At The Hot Hatch And The Sports Sedan

The Mercedes is from GAD Motors, while the Honda Civic is from Sneaky Tuning. The video was shot at the Flevo Auto Show in the Netherlands. 

A separate Mercedes competitor stands out in its deep and deadly black, while the Civic stands out in its gold paint with a carbon hood and black stripes.

Before the green light turns on, the two vehicles are lined up for their race. 

Both drivers get out to an equal start, shoot down the strip, and it appears like the race may have been quite close. But the first Mercedes from GAD Motors is up next.

The Honda Takes On The Mighty Mercedes-AMG The GAD Motors licence plate on the Mercedes aids in locating the vehicle.

When positioned next to the Honda, it, too, is all-black and appears to be quite the beast. Can the vintage Japanese hatchback defeat the powerful German brute?

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