A few factors why many drivers may have chosen the 2020 Honda Civic include its great fuel efficiency, 

large cabin, turbo engine, and exceptional standard equipment.

Although the 2020 Civic garnered many excellent reviews and rankings, things haven't always gone well for the little vehicle. 

The electrical elements of the 2020 Honda Civic have unfortunately caused some worrying problems for many owners, 

and in one instance, a criminal was actually able to exploit the vehicle's cutting-edge capabilities to effectively carry off a well-executed crime.

View some of the most alarming electrical system mishaps using the 2020 Honda Civic to learn more about the burglar's sophisticated updated heist.

A lane departure assist fail CarComplaints.com is the go-to source for all the fine print information for drivers. 

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Many drivers have voiced their distressing encounters with issues with the electrical aspects of the 2020 Honda Civic.

Driving home one day, a motorist reported what happened when the 2020 Honda Civic began performing oddly. 

"The lane departure assist turned on but we were not out of lane," the user noted. 

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