Some of the most dedicated people around are Dodge Charger fans. 

Several people can describe every feature and drawback of each model since they have owned many of them throughout the years. 

However, there is one model year you should never purchase if you're new to muscle cars in recent years and are thinking about joining the Charger fan club. 

We'll talk about which year to completely avoid and why that particular year is viewed as such a concern in the first place.

The Dodge Charger is beauty, brains, and muscle In 2006, this powerful muscle vehicle from the 1970s made a reappearance, bringing with it all the characteristics we adored about the vintage beast. 

Fans may anticipate the release of the Daytona 50th Anniversary Edition as well as a new Widebody version of the Hellcat with Scat Pack in 2020.

For every degree of requested performance, including the 707-hp Hellcat, there are robust V8 engine choices available. 

The Charger is a smart car with easy-to-use infotainment, elegant trim options, and graphics for lovely customization.

The 2006 Dodge Charger is the worst model year ever

A Dodge Charger with a few years on it may frequently be a wise investment. 

You should be aware of any 2006 models that strike your interest when you peruse the classifieds and dealer websites.

It's the worst model year, according to, based on the actual number of customer-reported issues and the price of fixing them. 

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