At a Street Car Takeover event, anybody can discover anything; 

it could be anything from outrageous twin-turbo supercars that originally had normally aspirated engines to restomods with enough power to make Bugatti Chiron owners envious.

This Ford Mustang doesn't appear very unique at first glance. 

It has some required enhancements that are noticeable, such as the roll cage, parachute, and drag radials, 

but beyond that, no one knows what may be hiding beneath the protruding hood.

Could that be a Coyote with a lot of tuning? Considering that the pony automobile was founded in Dearborn, that would appear to be the most logical course of action. 

What about a crate engine with loads of external and internal aftermarket components? Both would function well and turn this 2012 Mustang into a drag strip powerhouse.

The owner, though, couldn't give a damn about anything but the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon's renown HEMI V8. 

Yes, despite being a Blue Oval model, it really has a power unit that came from a retired Demon model.

And that's not even all; the man behind the insane idea also gave it a twin-turbo conversion in addition to fitting it under the hood and making it function.

The driver, who was recently captured on camera at the Florida track of Bradenton Motorsports, 

claims that this makes his vehicle the quickest Demon-powered vehicle ever created. 

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