Cybertruck is a force to consider if the company's performance and range statistics are accurate.

It's faster than any other product on the market. At 0-60 mph and less than 3 seconds per hour, it's the fastest truck ever.

Depending on the trim level, the truck can also lift up to 14,000 pounds in weight.

This is more than any other full-size pickup in the competing market. The cruising range is 250 miles for the low-end model and 500 miles for the top-end model.

Cybertruck is not overpriced. The minimum trim level is $ 39,900. The mid-level version costs $ 49,900.

The top version is priced at $ 69,900. It's a pretty penny, but I ran a medium-sized pickup that costs more.

The cheapest version of the Ford F-150, comparable to the Cybertruck (Crew Cab XL F-150), costs around $ 35,000. Yes, Cybertruck is more money, but it offers more.

As you climb the trim and start offering ladders, you may find that Cybertruck is cheaper than its competitors.

Some of the finest F-150s and Chevrolet Silverado are well above the $ 69,900 price tag for top-notch cybertrucks, 

but Tesla is confident that it will offer an add-on to raise its price a bit. Anyway, the price is reasonable.

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