The Tesla Cybertruck is the model everyone in the world is talking about right now.

Whether you like it or hate it, the vehicle is collecting all sorts of coverage for Tesla.

From over-the-top presentations to broken windows to the mass release of electric ATVs, everything should fuel the hype around automakers.

That makes sense. Tesla operates like a startup. This is a company that relies on hype and the expectations it has to keep running. 

Tell me what you do about the company, but so far that whimsical and new way of doing business has worked.

Cybertruck is its physical embodiment. It's a ferocious vehicle with the ability declared to defeat the leader of the class and the outliers that are as polarized as it gets.

It's all intentional. Musk knows what he is doing. This is a calculated risk, and Tesla shares were hit first, but can creep up over time.

The company's new trucks aim to revolutionize the truck market in the same way that other cars do in the other car industry.

It will be interesting to see what happens on Cybertruck. I think this will be the power to transform the truck segment. 

The keyword here is "maybe". It will agree with consumers and take some unusual actions from Tesla.

The announcement of Cybertruck did not go smoothly. The "unbreakable" glass attached to the vehicle broke during takeoff.

The mask looked a little lost on stage and the whole thing looked a little awkward. Things don't care about people.

You look at the specs of performance and range, and when you look at it the vehicle is so good that tens of thousands of rupees have already pre-ordered it.

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