We were all aware that the truck would not exactly be a budget buy. 

When individuals pick up their trucks from Tesla dealerships, however, dents are certain to appear in wallets all over the world due to the truck's rumoured basic price of $39,900 in the US.

A two-wheel-drive variant with a single motor is what you get for the starting price. 

Two further variants will be offered; the tri-motor version will cost $69,900, while the dual-motor version is scheduled to start at $49,000. 

Both more expensive variants come with larger batteries. Anyone who chooses the self-driving features will have to fork up an additional $7,000, burning a bigger hole in their wallet.

It May Be A Long Wait To Get The Cybertruck At Your Doorstep

The launching date of late 2021 is not set in stone, despite widespread anticipation that the first models of the Cybertruck will hit the market late this year. 

In truth, Elon Musk says that volume manufacturing won't begin until 2022, not this year. 

He also said in a recent interview that it would take a lot of luck to be able to start making any deliveries by the end of 2021.

Given that it only took a $100 investment, Tesla was able to attract over 250,000 pre-orders for the Cybertruck only days after its first reveal. 

As of right now, that figure has risen to well over half a million.